Preparing for and raising young children is tough by anyone’s standards, especially so if you don’t have a solid support structure around you.

For families without this support structure, Family Council offers several resources for infant and toddler care by administering Stark County’s Help Me Grow Early Intervention and Home Visiting programs. Help Me Grow is Ohio’s evidence-based, parent support program that encourages early prenatal and well-baby care, as well as parenting education to promote the comprehensive health and development of children. The Help Me Grow System includes Help Me Grow Home Visiting and Help Me Grow Early Intervention.

Help Me Grow Early Intervention

This program is a statewide system that provides coordinated early intervention services to parents of eligible children under the age of three with developmental delays or disabilities. Early Intervention is grounded in the philosophy that young children learn best from familiar people in familiar settings. Every family served in Early Intervention will have a local Early Intervention team that consists of a service coordinator, service providers and the family. The team works in the home or other places the family spends time, to develop a coordinated plan called an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). The family and team will work through the IFSP plan using existing supports and resources—and build upon them—to learn to enhance the child’s learning and development.


For more information regarding Early Intervention, watch this video. Then give us a call to find out what resources for infant or toddler care are right for you.

Help Me Grow Home Visiting

Home Visiting is a voluntary family support program for pregnant women or new parents. Offered in every county of the state through a well-established network, Help Me Grow Home Visiting is an evidence-based program that promotes healthy growth and development for babies and young children. Home visitors are well-trained professionals who use a non-judgmental and compassionate approach that empowers parents with skills, tools and confidence to nurture the healthy growth of their children.

Help Me Grow Home Visiting believes all young children deserve the same opportunities to realize their full potential in life—regardless of economic, geographic and demographic considerations. The parenting education and child development resources provided to families allows them to maximize this critical period of development in their child’s life, providing a foundation for lasting success.

When a parent schedules a home visit with Help Me Grow Home Visiting, they will have the opportunity to share their thoughts about parenting, ask questions and receive reliable information based on their individual family needs or topics of interest. Topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • Healthy Pregnancies
  • Baby and Child Health
  • Breastfeeding
  • Nutrition
  • Immunizations
  • Child Growth and Development
  • Discipline
  • Toilet Training
  • Child Safety
  • Household Safety
  • Local Resources

For more information regarding Home Visiting, watch this video. Then give us a call to find out what resources for infant or toddler care are right for you.


For stronger youth and stronger families

Stark County Family Council has had an enormous impact on child and family outcomes in Stark County. Our number one priority is helping families obtain and sustain wellness and stay together. Our efforts have increased our county's ability to maximize resources, generate additional state and federal revenue, develop needed programs and services and build capacity to serve children and families. 

When the families of Stark County win, we all win.