The Stark County Family Council employs committees as vehicles for facilitating coordination with community members. This collaborative for community wellness deals with various aspects affecting youth and families. Some committees serve as advisory boards while others function as decision-making boards; but, in all cases, they work to improve the lives and relationships of youth and their families.

Family Engagement Committee

Serves as a collaborative for community wellness for families and family support advocates who work to improve family engagement and empowerment efforts in all sectors of the community.

Service Coordination Committee

It is required in ORC 121.37 (C) (1-9) that Family Councils develop a county-specific Service Coordination Mechanism, which serves as the guiding document for coordination of services in the county. The purpose of the Service Coordination Mechanism is to streamline and coordinate existing government services for families seeking services for their children (age birth through 21) and to ensure that eligible families have access to service coordination. The SCC is established by the Board of Trustees for the purpose of developing, maintaining and evaluating the collaborative processes and services described within Stark County’s Service Coordination Mechanism.


Service Review Collaborative

The Service Review Collaborative (SRC) is a function that supports the county’s Service Coordination Mechanism. Membership consists of administrators and clinicians who are appointed by and report to their respective representative on the Service Coordination Committee (SCC). The activities of the SRC are focused upon: 1) the review of service requests for individual children with complex, multi-system needs; 2) authorizing the purchase of such services whereby each SRC representative is responsible for their organization’s funding decisions and subsequent billing and payment processes; and 3) the review of individual cases that are in need of more restrictive placement settings such as residential treatment, after which the SRC issues a recommendation either supporting the placement decision or offering alternatives. The SRC meets on a weekly basis and is facilitated by the Stark County Family Council Executive Director.

Trauma and Resiliency Committee

Works to build our community’s capacity to understand the widespread impact of trauma and recognize, promote and support resiliency of youth and families within all neighborhoods and across all systems and organizations. 


Beyond committees, Stark County Family Council stays involved in the community by coordinating child abuse and neglect prevention across 11 counties in northeast Ohio. To learn more about our work with the Ohio Children's Trust Fund, click the button below.


For stronger youth and stronger families

Stark County Family Council has had an enormous impact on child and family outcomes in Stark County. Our number one priority is helping families obtain and sustain wellness and stay together. Our efforts have increased our county's ability to maximize resources, generate additional state and federal revenue, develop needed programs and services and build capacity to serve children and families. 

When the families of Stark County win, we all win.