Trauma and Resiliency

The Trauma and Resiliency Committee is working to build our community’s capacity to understand the widespread impact of trauma and recognize, promote, and support resiliency of youth and families within all neighborhoods and across all systems and organizations. 

Click for Trauma and Resiliency Initiative Brochure PDF

Below are copies of the power point presentations shared at the "Our Journey to Resiliency" event on January 8, 2014 at RG Drage:

Our Journey to Build a Resilient Community (general keynotes & slides presented by Dr. Richard Shepler)

Judge Howard's Trama Resiliency (Children Who Have Been Traumatized - One Court's Response)

10 Minutes of Neuroscience for Resiliency 1.14 (Dr. Bobbi Beale)

Franklin County Building Better Lives 1/8/2014 (Jane Whyde and Carol Taylor)

If you need the PowerPoint Viewer to view these presentations click HERE.

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