Service Review Collaborative (SRC)

The Service Review Collaborative (SRC) is a function that supports the County’s Service Coordination Mechanism (SCM).  The County SCM is a written document that describes how services for youth with complex needs are streamlined and coordinated.  For more information about Stark County’s Service Coordination Mechanism go to: 

SRC membership consists of administrators and clinicians who are appointed by and report to their respective representative on the SCC.  The activities of the SRC are focused upon: 1) the review of service requests for individual children with complex, multi-system needs and 2) authorizing the purchase of such services whereby each SRC representative is responsible for their organization’s funding decisions and subsequent billing and payment processes.  3) the review of individual cases that are in need of more restrictive placement settings such a s residential treatment after which, the SRC issues a recommendation either supporting the placement decision or offering alternatives.  The SRC meets on a weekly basis and is facilitated by the Stark County Family Council Director. 

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